Climate Control Units


Are located on the

second floor.

We do offer the use of our freight elevator for your convenience.

 2nd Floor Units have Approx. 8-12 ft ceilings.

Availbility is limited, so please call for information.






It is important you determine what storage unit size that best suit your needs.  Please use the chart below to choose what best works for you.  You are also welcome to come in and just look for yourself.

Office is open 9-5 Monday thru Saturday from 9-5 pm

Once you are a tenant the facility will be open to you 24 hrs., 7 days a week. 





Unit Size


Equivalent to:

This Unit will hold:

(25 Sq. Ft.)


Small Closet

Boxes, business supplies and records. Plus other small items.

(50 Sq. Ft.)


Walk-in Closet

Small amounts of furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, box spring and mattress, business supplies and records. Plus other small items and boxes.

(100 Sq. Ft.)


Half of a one-car garage

One-bedroom apartment with major appliances, other furniture and supplies.

(150 Sq. Ft.)


Two-thirds of a one-car garage

A two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items and commercial storage inventory.





                        Climate Control Units


                              5X5. . . . . . . . . $64.00

                              5X10. . . . . . . . $89.00

                              5X15. . . . . . . . .$112.00

                              10X10. . . . . . . $135.00

                              10X15. . . . . . . .$185.00


 ******ON ALL UNITS******

$20.00 Security deposit required, refundable only with a 7 days written notice and  must be totally emptied and swept.Also, a one time adminstration fee of $12.00 is required.